Paul Martino


Humble beginnings in the mailroom ultimately led to a desk in the Below The Line Production Department at United Talent Agency under Wayne Fitterman (now WME Partner.) He went on to work with Producer Gil Adler and Director Darren Arronofsky on The Fountain. The film was was set to be filmed in Australia. However, the project was cancelled two weeks before principal was set to begin. However, during the interim, Paul met his now wife of 16 years.

He settled in Australia with his wife and children, performing a number of different jobs during his time there. Eventually, he organized a group of some of Aussie Film's best professionals and formed the collective known as 4P/Productions Australia. They have an array of different projects involving film, TV, animation, and live events with several projects currently in development.

Upon relocating back to Los Angeles, Paul took on a temporary role as VP of Operations for a new talent agency in Malibu. With those duties now complete, he has been able to embark on a “long-awaited journey”; working with long-time friends on a slate filled with wide-ranging and poignant projects. With films currently complete and in the festival circuit and new projects being developed all the time, Paul saw the opportunity to form his own production company, El Guapo Films, that would become the culmination of his years of dedication and talent as a feature film producer.

Short Order Cooks has been cooking in Paul’s head for years, and he is excited to finally see it come to life! This will be his first television show as Creator / Producer.

Projects involving Paul Martino

Short Order Cooks

The first scripted reality show that combines two audience favorites: Little people and FOOD! Each 30 minute episode features a new cooking challenge and Little People contestants will compete for the title of: BEST LITTLE CHEF Backstories, drama, and bad attitudes converge to create a dynamic and exciting cooking show that’s as funny as it is entertaining!  

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The Rainstorm

An account of the life and achievements of Thomas Bethune, a blind African American pianist whose musical abilities astonished his American and European audiences.

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In 1969, a group of Native Americans occupied Alcatraz Island for 19months. This is their story.

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