Andros Perugorría

Andros Perugorría is an actor born in Havana, Cuba, on August 2, 1990, known for Juan of the Dead (2011), 7 Days in Havana(2012) and Los nuestros (2015).

The son of famous Cuban actor and director Jorge Perugorría, his training as an actor begun early at age 12, with Humberto Rodriguez, Director of the Olga Alonso Theatre Group, where he played various Universal Classic Theatre and Cuban Classical Theatre roles.

His first role in a full length, commercially released feature film came at age 20, when he played Vladi in Juan of the Dead (2012). His passion and commitment  for theatre and the stage remains despite various film projects, performing in “hamlet Interview” and “Litoral” under Miguel Abreu at the Ludi Theatre Company, as well as in Wadji Mouawad’s “Incendios”. In 2018 he plays the role of Loret de Mola in Rigoberto Lopez’ “El Mayor” as well as the role of Victor in Paolo Consorti’s Havana Kyrie.

Demo Reel

Juan of the Dead - Trailer
7 Days in Havana - Trailer
Los nuestros - Trailer
El cuerno de la abundancia - Trailer

Projects involving Andros Perugorría

Havana Kyrie

Rossini: Cuban style. A lost man finds passion once again in Cuba, aided by music and the son he's never met.

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