Sasha Whitehouse

Sasha Whitehouse had a Diploma from New Zealand’s Film and TV school before graduating with a BA in Film and TV from Melbourne’s prestigious VCA School of Film and TV in 2005. He directed the award-winning short film “The City Eats It’s Weak”.

While developing projects to direct, he’s matured his craft. As a cinematographer on various projects, including music videos for some of Australia’s leading record acts, a feature film and the award-winning series “Being Brendo” – also working as an editor in the 80+ episode series featuring Geoffrey Rush and a cast of Australia’s best comedy talent.

Sasha has directed national commercial spots and shot, edited or produced numerous award-winning short films, documentaries and web content for clients like Tag Heuer, Australian Ballet, Telstra, Qantas, and the Victorian Aids Council among others.

Sasha is an emerging director with a focus on low budget location drama shooting. He is a perfect fit for Faster Than Light; his first feature film.

Demo Reel

The City Eats its Weak
Being Brendo

Projects involving Sasha Whitehouse

Faster Than Light

Josef, an unemployed history academic, has to negotiate the worlds of biohacking, time dilation, and high finance in order to save his estranged brother Harry.

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Darkness Rises

Can the inhabitants of a Fracking Outpost in the bush get away before the sound of an Alien Demon breaking into our dimension tears through the fabric of their souls?

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