Carroll Brown

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Carroll Brown began his writing career as an entertainment journalist and short fiction author before turning his efforts toward the screen. Since then he has written and adapted works for film and television, and his scripts have won awards and honors at numerous festivals and competitions.

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The Borderlands - Scene

Projects involving Carroll Brown

Empire of Havana

In 1950s Havana, a young Cuban street thug and a fiery university student get pulled into the orbit of Mob financier Meyer Lansky as he attempts to carve out an empire, struggling against jealous rivals, governments, and the gathering winds of revolution.

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The Caddy

When an ambitious diplomat loses his position and is reduced to caddy at a golf resort, he kidnaps an arrogant businessman in a misguided attempt to buy his old life back...

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The hosts of a paranormal reality show on the verge of cancellation find that for the first time they don’t have to fake it as they face an entity with surprising motives in a seemingly ordinary suburban house.

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