Carroll Brown

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Carroll Brown is a produced screenwriter, published author of fiction and poetry, former entertainment journalist and film and literary critic. His first produced script, the noir thriller “The Cheshire Cat,” was made as an independent feature and played at film festivals across the country and in Europe, and since then other scripts have won and placed in numerous competitions. 

He recently penned a forthcoming thriller for major action star, and co-wrote the pilot for an international production set in Cuba, currently in development. His most recent script is the award-winning science fiction thriller “The Last War.”

He made his directorial debut with the short film “Control,” based on his own science fiction short screenplay; the film has played at more than two dozen festivals worldwide, winning multiple honors and awards.

As a producer, he got his feet wet with the short film “The Borderlands,” sharing responsibilities from scheduling and budgeting, casting and crewing, accounting and all production logistics, and.has since gone on to additional producing work, in both shorts and features.  

In 2016 he came aboard the Cuban feature film “Sergio and Sergei” as an uncredited associate producer responsible for contracts and negotiations for American cast members, including liaisoning with SAG on this “Global Rule One” production. Most recently he was brought on to the Franco Nero-starring Cuban/Italian co-production “Havana Kyrie.”

He's written and adapted works for film and television and his scripts have won awards and honours at numerous festivals and competitions.


•    The Cheshire Cat
•    The Muse (based on the novel The Cipher by Kathe Koja)
•    The Borderlands
•    Control
•    Bloom (for the forthcoming television anthology series “Black Rose”)
•    Beetle
•    Empire of Havana (TV Pilot)

•    The Caddy – currently in development
•    Unquiet – currently in development
•    Under The Poppy (TV Pilot) -- adapted for television from the novel by Kathe Koja, currently being shopped by
•    Vince Gerardis (Game of Thrones)
•    The Last War
•    Broken Flag
•    After (TV Pilot)
•    The Man Who Knows

•    "The Borderlands," Fantasy & Science Fiction (reprinted in Electric Wine)
•    "A Jingling of the Bells," Haunts
•    "Going with Fergus," Aboriginal Science Fiction
•    "King of Seventh Avenue," Fantasy & Science Fiction
•    "Dealing with Dragons," Adventures of Sword & Sorcery
•    "The Raftman," Distant Journeys
•    "A Patch of Blue," Quintessence Press presents: Strange Fiction
•    "Silent Praises," Adventures of Sword and Sorcery
•    "Fast Track Jones," Fortress
•    "Snowface," E-Scape
•    "A Bird from the Snare," Elysian Fiction

•    Shriekfest Film Festival, Winner (Best Sci-Fi Feature Screenplay): 2018
•    iHolly, Best Script (All Categories): 2017; Best Short Screenplay: 2018; Best Sci-Fi Screenplay: 2018
•    Frightfest NYC, Winner (Best Screenplay): 2016
•    Top Indie Film Awards, 2nd Place (Screenplay): 2017
•    Oaxaca Film Fest Global Script Challenge, Finalist: 2017
•    Cinequest, Semifinalist : 2017
•    Bloodstained Indie Horror Festival, 2nd Place (Screenplay): 2016
•    Slamdance Screenplay Competition, Top Ten: 2013
•    Shriekfest Film Festival, Finalist (Screenplay): 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017
•    Filmquest, Top Five (Screenplay): 2015
•    Bluecat Screenplay Competition, Quarter Finalist, 2013

•    BA, English with an emphasis on Creative Writing, Michigan State University
•    MA, English Literature, Michigan State University

Demo Reel

The Borderlands - Scene

Projects involving Carroll Brown

The Empire of Havana

THE EMPIRE OF HAVANA is a portrait of the last days of the U.S. mob in Batista’s Cuba, as seen through the eyes of a young croupier who was personal driver to Meyer Lansky, the architect of the mafia’s overseas empire.

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The Caddy

When an ambitious young Mexican diplomat loses his position and is reduced to caddying at a golf resort, he kidnaps an arrogant American businessman in a misguided attempt to buy his old life back, battling a relentless detective, accomplices who turn on him, and his own conscience.

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The hosts of a paranormal reality show on the verge of cancellation find that for first time they don’t have to fake it as they fight an entity with surprising motives in a seemingly ordinary suburban house.

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