Brendan Black

Brendan Black is a filmmaker, writer and playwright based in Melbourne, Australia.  His first play, ‘Trotsky and Friends’, premiered at the 2016 Melbourne International Comedy Festival and was performed again at the 2017 festival.  The play came about while doing research for a novel on Leon Trotsky when he discovered that Trotsky, Stalin, Lenin, Freud and many others had been living and working within a small area of Vienna in 1913. 

Brendan has also written, produced and directed eight short films on various themes including child abuse and asexuality, in 2012 he co-founded the Czech and Slovak Film Festival of Australia, producing the first three editions. He has written about wine, art, life and travel, with his work featured in publications such as Fairfax newspapers and the Royalauto Car and Travel magazine. Freelancing as a proof-reader/editor and copywriter along the way.

Brendan is currently working on two new plays, ‘Sweet Goodbyes’ and ‘The Business of God’, with plans to premiere within the year. And as writer of two ‘in-development’ feature films. Full timing as father to two young boys.

Projects involving Brendan Black

Faster Than Light

Josef, an unemployed history academic, has to negotiate the worlds of biohacking, time dilation, and high finance in order to save his estranged brother Harry.

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